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Working Towards a Brighter Future


Our goal is to be a ‘go to’ talent search organization socially and professionally connecting diverse highly skilled, talented and well vetted young adults with meaningful opportunities while evolving the future workforce.

Our Mission: Welcome

Who We Are

m2squared was founded by two professional mothers and their college daughters.  Together we recognized the sensitivity on college campuses towards diverse students in supporting their transition to the work force or owning a business.  While academically strong, we quickly realized untapped soft skills and limited access to key opportunities could put these students at risk of not reaching their full potential.

m2squared seeks to minimize that risk by providing tools to aid young adults in a successful transition from College to Career and establishing connections to ‘showcase’ their value. 

Our Mission: Who We Are

m2squared seeks to attract Generation Z and Millennials connecting them to social events and education forums enhancing their networking capital while providing access to mentoring opportunities.

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Our Mission: Who We Are
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